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We'll speak of what a waste I am.

And how we messed up it again.

4 April 1989
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***As of November 2011, this journal is no longer active. I completely moved this journal to another account. You can message this account if I missed telling you of said new account and you want me to re-add you.*** I'll keep this account open simply to avoid approval time for communities and in case I forgot anyone, but other than that, I'm done with this account.


engaged. So in love with the guy its retarded. Twins are like real people. I haven't been to a show in two years. I'm back staying at home. This year so far has taken away the four most important parts of my heart away. I can't find Josh anywhere. Corwin is my friend again. I have a Tiger and he's like taking a knife to a gun fight. Nostalgic as hell.

as of 3/12/08

i just found out we're pregnant. exciting! i'm a mommy!

as of 3/17/07

I'm kanani and I love you. I'm also very passionate about my Jesus although you might not be able to tell. I now live in Texas but will move back to AZ by the end of the year. I love AZ, though bets are I end up in Cincy or Boston- kids such seem to be a lot cooler there, not so much stupid drama. I turn eightteen soon and thats something. I've seen Emery live eleven times. I'm quiting smoking and drinking, i've only been stupid for a year so maybe it won't be too hard. I'm a writer and I suck at it. I promote bands like crazy and I'll be on tour someday and that's all that matters.

the following is stuff I didn't delete:
I love JESUS so I pretty much love you. I'm kind of a cruddy person, but i give good hugs so maybe we can still be friends.

...Emery. I pretty much love emery. I've seen them seven NINE (eleven) times and its been amazing everytime. and the band is basically made up of the most amazing guys with the most amazing hearts ever. Mewithoutyou is pretty stunning, i think aaron is the biggest blessing i will ever encounter in my life here. subseven what can i say, i love those guys and Wes is SUCH a light and inspiration, and i will always feel in debt to him for finding words for everything i feel and giving me a way to express it (and for putting on the BEST show). underoath, anberlin, name any tooth and nail/solid state (esp old school like the Crucified and such) and I probably love them. Good chance of that. But yea. Lets be friends.

These guys are the best brothers anyone could ask for. And what Brendan is looking at, i guess we'll never know. CASEY is no longer in the band but he's still my favorite. Now and forever.

I'm Hawaiian Samoan- here is a really funny joke Switchblade told me:
What is the difference between a Hawaiian and a Samoan?....
Hawaiian's eat until they're tird, but Samoan's bring pillows and eat until they fall asleep!

good times.

You've always got a couch to crash on in arizona.

and... I freaking love you. the end.

Miss you brothers.

The summer air will greet you at the gates.
First in line, I know you won't have to wait.

First in line...

::I see your smile on the face of a thousand friends.::
The memories that you left, will NEVER end.

Now its time to look up to see Heaven pouring down,
I'll try to lift my head up, because I know you're looking down.

So keep your eyes on me to lead me through.
And someday at the gates is where I will meet you.

And now its time to look up, to see Heaven pouring down,
I'll try to lift my head up, because I know you're looking down.

Someone there will greet you at the gates.
First in line, I know you won't have to wait.

I'll try to lift my head up,
Because I know you're happy now.


~Simplistic "At the gates"