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Job is going well, though being full time has been a bitch (we lack PRNs and while I like set schedules and a home location things went a lot smoother when I could cover at all of them).

I got a new RadTech about seven weeks back, he is now my Captain America (cuz he's awesome and nice) and I absolutely adore the heck outta him. Which is good, because spending 10 hours a night three times a week with only each other to entertain ourselves with and relying on each other for a number of job-related things makes our good chemistry a blessing (I met the radtech we hired directly after him, who almost got put on my exact shift as well, and that guy sucks. Like he's just the worst, mysoginistic and arrogant and ugh no). So my Steve Rogers makes me like my job that much more (even though before he started working I'd already hated him because I liked the ladies I worked with).

I am very good at my job and I am one of the top favorites. Which is how I like it. Over achieving and playing the game right is something I was good at that I let go for a while.

I straight out own my car now as Eric got the truck he's wanted forever. I like everything about being able to drive and stuff. Thank you Koa for breaking me of that fear.

Speaking of my Koa, I go to Dallas in two weeks to spend the weekend with him again for our Thor 2 bro-date. Our friendship had a bit of a rocky summer, but it wouldn't be a friendship in Texas if the summer wasn't bs. We've recovered well so far. I'm sure the weekend will get us back to being less resentful (always an awful transition when you become close enough that you can call each other out on things and have to face that maybe you're not a very awesome person all the time and even friendships demand effort on being good to the other person). If he didn't annoy the absolute crap out of me it wouldn't be real, I suppose. Two weeks are going to feel like forever (you'd think I'd be better at distant relationships by now). I've had a lot of anxiety about it the passed couple of days, but I realize this is normal. Koa is...complicated and hard to deal with when he gets into these moods of his, but I know once I finally get there and can touch* him (read: Punch) we'll be all the fun we've always been. We're good together, that doesn't go away. We're "Drift Compatible", if you will.

Koa also got a Hawaiian flower tatt. About our friendship. Which was more or less a lot of our issue during the summer (hint: because that is fucking creepy).

Daniel O'Brien is my favorite person ever and our e-mails are the high light of my week, socially speaking. He's pretty majestic.

I've had to change my work outs again. Fitness goals are bittersweet.

I got back into fighting as part of my fitness stuff, and that has been wonderful. Body destroying, but wonderful. The guys I train with are pretty great. For a while our sessions were problematic because it reminded me of my brothers, and made me feel nostalgic and guilty and sad, but I stuck it out and I am glad I have.

I actually start a second job early next year. Doing what I do now, just with another company. It'll be... challenging at first (I am sticking with night shifts for a while longer because I am good at night shift stuff), but extra income is y'know... good. Because money is... idk I imagine more money is always better though I've been pretty content lately. But I grew up hella poor so I imagine I'll always feel fine unless I ever go back to ramen, no hot water, no phone or internet, etc.

I need to set up another teacher/parent meeting for my step kid. Her homework has been slipping I think. I've like having her move in, it's given me a chance to really step up as her step parent and stuff.

I want to reach out to Tiger (Justin), just to say I'm sorry for how we ended. But it's been years now, and an apology might seem in poor taste, especially because I can't offer reconnecting (I can barely connect with new people like Captain America). He's not a bad memory for me, I'm just sorry it didn't work out and that I don't think we have a place in each other's lives again yet (I know we were good for each other at some point).

I also go home to AZ early next year. I don't have to explain why that's awesome.
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